Revealing Your Biochemistry

Richard A. Roy

Dr. Richard A. Roy is a multidisciplinary engineer, programmer, and scientist. After earning his BS in Ocean Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology and his MS in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University, he launched his career as an engineer and programmer in the defense sector. His work included signal and image processing, sensor modeling, computer simulations, and Artificial Intelligence. Over time, his programming work brought him to the greater Boston area where his passion for science prompted him to earn a MS in Genetics at the University of New Hampshire, followed by a PhD in Biochemistry at Brandeis University. His doctoral work included the development of novel algorithms to jointly optimize structural alignments and superpositions of macromolecules using a Bayesian framework. After his graduation in May 2018, he began work on a minimally invasive wearable device to monitor blood biochemistry.

Jacqueline L. Naffin

Dr. Jacqueline L. Naffin is a protein biochemist with years of experience conducting translational research. She earned her PhD in Chemistry/Biochemistry from University of Texas at Austin where she worked on developing new technology for medical diagnostics. She then continued her work at UTSouthwestern Medical Center where she helped provide mechanistic insights into the pathway of sex steroid production. For the past ten years, she has worked on developing new drug therapies for treatment of tuberculosis and neurodegenerative diseases at Brandeis University.